With various sub holding companies managed by Tancorp, our group of companies provides broad opportunities
for energetic, creative, integrity and dedicated professionals to develop their potential, career, and well-being.


Hermanto Tanoko's business trip began in 1983, starting with Avian Paint, which has now become the largest national paint company in Indonesia. With the main goal of being able to compete in a market dominated by foreign products, PT Avia Avian became a nationally recognized company, successfully competing with other brands that led the market which had previously been dominated by brands including international brands.

From this success, various business units in various fields such as Property, Consumer Goods, Distribution, Hospitality, Retail, Health, Food and Marketing Networks were born. To oversee these business units, in 2015 stand up TANCORP.

PT. Tancorp Abadi Nusantara (Tancorp) is a corporation / holding that houses one of the largest groups of national private companies, with several sub holding as follows:

Tanbiz (Industry) : Avian Group, KTG (Plastic Manufacturer), VODA (Flexible Packaging), SOKA (Eco Plastic Solution)

Tanobel (Food) : Cleo, Anda, Mmmilk, Roller

Tanrise (Property) : Voza (Premium Office), The 100 Residence (Apartment), Tritan (Warehouse), Sunrise Garden (Residential)

Tanly (Hospitality) : Vasa Hotel, Hotel Solaris, Cleo Business Hotel

Tanworld (Network) : CMN (Creative Mega Network), Water Depo, Depo Bangunan

Tanlife (Healthy & Beauty) : Equiva, H&H (Herbal & Healthy), Avione, Cosmar, Sekawan Cosmetics.

Tanlink (Distribution) : SPS (Distribution Partner), Tirtakencana Tatawarna

Tancreation (Cafe & Resto) : The Origin (Coffee House), Fine Dining

Hermanto Tanoko Foundation (Foundation)

Business Categories

We classify our business in several business categories under grouping company

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Industrial Manufacture

Avian Brands, Avitex, Lenkote, Sunguard, Moorlife, Biolife, Saka, Aquamatt, No Drop, Aries Gold, Suzuka, Sui, Power Pipe, Higin, Supersilk, Giant Mortar, Fres

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Property & Building

Voza Premium Office, 100 Residence, Tritan Point, Tritan Pro, Sunrise Garden, Win Industrial Park

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Vasa Luxury Hotel, Solaris Hotel, Cleo Business Hotel

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Food & Beverages

Cleo Mineral Water, LuvJus, Green Tea Anda, Super O2, S-Tube

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SPS, Tirtakencana Tatawarna

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CMN, Depo Bangunan, Water Depo

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Health & Beauty

Equiva, H&H Herbal & Healthy, Avione Cosmetic

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Cafe & Resto

The Origin Coffee House, fine dining

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Under Hermanto Tanoko Foundation

  • 33Companies
  • 8,685Employees
  • 748Job Posted
  • 150Brands
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